You have seen a new exciting hosting plan and want to switch to a new web host. While switching to a new host, it is important to be sure about the safety of your website and the files and data.

Here, in this blog, you will find the safest method to switch to a new web host and enjoy fastest shared hosting.

  1. Get a backup of your website

The first thing you need to do while switching is getting a backup. The website contains multiple images, files, scripts, applications, plugins, and many other data. Hence, it becomes important to have a backup of everything and keep it safe.

  1. Check the email configuration

Now, when you are migrating to a new provider, ensure that the email services are working properly. This requires rechecking the email configuration status.

  1. Update your DNS

For a complete transfer to a new server, you need to update the DNS. Provide the updated DNS to your new provider, so that, the company can assign you the permanent IP address.

  1. Evaluate the internal links

The internal links need to be functioning exactly the way they were before. So, when you are done with the transfer process, don’t forget to ensure the functionality of the internal links.

  1. Website test

The website test becomes important to ensure that the customers won’t find any unfavorable change. So, it is necessary that you ensure the availability of all the web pages, applications, plugins, and all the features.

  1. Keep the old account until complete transfer

It would be wise to keep your old account until the transfer process completes. In fact, you should not cancel the old account for a week or two after the transition. This will keep a backup by your side, in case the transfer process presents some complications.

  1. Tell the visitors

Finally, make sure you tell your visitors regarding the transferring process. This shows your concern towards the loyal visitors and they feel more connected to your website.

So, follow these points and safely switch to a new hosting provider.

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