Let’s face it; if you are a small to medium sized business, the chances are that you have always asked if switching to a dedicated web hosting platform would be worth the extra cost. This is a very common and valid question because if your website has to cater to a lesser number of visitors, then it would definitely make sense to get a shared hosting.

Drawbacks of Shared hosting

Now the fact of the matter is that shared hosting, although having its perks also has its drawbacks. And while website hosting dedicated servers would definitely cost more than shared hosting, there are a lot of reasons as to why you might want to switch to a dedicated server as soon as possible. So let’s discuss some of it below:

  1. Traffic: Shared hosting means that you’ll essentially be sharing the same internet line as the others on your server. While it’s okay if the others are also smaller businesses but there will inevitably come a time when there will be a struggle for bandwidth as your businesses grow. Latency from your shared hosting would mean that you will essentially lose valuable customers overtime.
  2. Security: Shared servers are prone to more security threats than dedicated servers. We all know that the security of the website is adjacent to the code. So if for example, one of the domains on your shared server gets a cyber-attack, then your site might be affected too as it is essentially hosted on the same server rack.
  3. Features: Shared hosting generally has lesser features than dedicated website hosting servers.
  4. Resource Struggle: One of the primary and critical drawbacks of a shared server is that you are going to have constant resource struggle. Since you are essentially sharing the same CPU, RAM, HDD and GPU for multiple workloads, if there are too many requests thrown in that server, it has a very high chance of crashing, thereby halting your business.

Dedicated servers are definitely the way to go forward even if they are a little expensive. By switching to a dedicated server, you are essentially enjoying a total control of your business, and you don’t risk your business to security breaches. Also, there are a ton of web hosts like Atrixhost that offer cheap solutions for dedicated servers. So use what you feel is best for your needs and budget.

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