Can the speed of the website increase the revenue?!

Well, to understand that you need to first know the meaning of server speed.

The server speed is the time taken to the page of your website to appear on the screen when someone clicks on it through a browser. It is the time the visitor has to spend waiting for the requested page to appear.

In the competitive environment when the internet is filled with information and options, no one wants to wait. This is the reason the server speed plays an important role in revenue generation. 

What does a slow website do to your revenue?

Having a slow website with very high bounce rate creates irritation among the visitors. The number of visitors starts decreasing with time, which ultimately affects your business to a great extent. Fewer sales mean decreased revenue. 

What does a fast website do to your revenue?

We all know that Google keeps a track of the website’s speed while ranking your pages. So, when you have the reliable shared hosting services with great website speed, it works in your favor. Not only the customers love to come again and again, but the search engines also reward your site by improving its visibility.

With customer loyalty and improved ranking, your business starts getting better revenues. 

How to get the optimum speed on the website?

Simple, search for a reliable web hosting service having the capacity to provide desired speed to your website. In ideal conditions, the website needs to load within 3 seconds. But even the 5 seconds are considered pretty good. The problem starts when the time exceeds the 10 seconds. Hence, make sure that the host offers needed speed.

When you have a new website to launch, shared hosting seems a logical option. However, for a faster website, make sure that the host has the latest technology available to provide the pace that your site requires.

Finally, it would be wise to get the services from the host that has multiple hosting services. This way, you can switch in the future.

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