Apart from the quality performance, the hosting services should also be able to keep your site secured. This becomes more critical when you have a shared hosting. The knowledge of the security features and availability of those features are the key considerations for the websites running on shared hosting.

Like all the linux hosting servicesthe shared hosting offered by Linux operating system comes with many security features. All these features are to ensure the stability of the website and protection from the cybercrimes. However, it is important to know what kind of security features are required to keep your website safe from all external threats.

Here are all the security measurements you should keep in mind while looking for a shared hosting service provider. 

  • Hardware protection

No one wants a sudden hardware failure right! Hence, the host should be able to provide you with the RAID protection feature with the plan. This easily installable disk ensures the quality of the speed and the power of the hardware system, which saves you from the downtime and the revenue loss. 

  • Virus protection

Whenever you look out for a shared hosting plan, it is important to ensure that there are proper protection methods for the virus safety. The virus messages can become highly dangerous for your digital assets. Hence, it would better to get a plan with quality anti-virus protection features. 

  • Email protection

The protection of the email is a necessity for the safety of your confidential information. Hence, the availability of the IMAP protection provides a comfortable environment to easily access the emails from multiple devices and keep the backup of the emails as well. 

  • Transaction protection

If your site includes the transactions of data, make sure that the hosting plan includes the SSL encryption. It will keep the transaction details safe from the cyber criminals.

Finally, it is the responsibility of the service provider to maintain and update the server on a regular basis. So, find a reliable provider and ensure the security of the website.

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