The present era is that of online dealings to generate business for enterprises. The world has turned into a big common market place with the online portals acting as the sales counters. In order to make the best use of the online marketing opportunities, you need to design and host your own website or blog that would rightly showcase your merchandise to the potential buyers. In order to make your website visible, there are a number of service providers that offer various plans for shared web hosting. These services are beneficial to business related sites as well as personal blog sites.

What is Linux Shared Web Hosting?

If you want to host your own website or blog, you may make use of a server that is shared by many sites just like yours. You will be allocated a separate portion or partition on the server, so that your website remains totally alienated from other sites. All the websites hosted through that particular Linux shared web hosting share the common resources available from the server like:

  • Server connected CPU
  • Data transfer
  • Storage space etc.

The cost of installing a server and managing it all by yourself is a big thing to handle, more so if your business venture is small with little profit. In the case, of a Linux web hosting facility, the cost is shared among all the websites and thus becomes an insignificant part in the total cost. Shared web hosting by Linux has thus become a reasonable option for small and medium business houses, as it also provides total security.

Advantages of Linux – Based Web Hosting Services

Shared web hosting system based on linux is at present the most popular, as well as the affordable web hosting solution across the world. The server here operates on cPanel which again runs on the operating system of Linux. Some of the best characteristics of Linux shared web hosting are:

  • Affordability
  • Flexibility
  • Reliability
  • Compatibility
  • High performance

You get about a minimum of 150 GB of free disk space to work with and 2GB of bandwidth.

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