25 Aug 2020

Revamp Your Website as Per Your Command!

The use of a web host ensures and uses technologies to provide for the web page’s visibility on the internet. If you are a beginner and looking to adopt a website hosting dedicated server currently, or if you are already familiar to this, Atrix Host has some golden tips for everyone!

Features a good hosting service possesses

This precisely thought of list is simplified for interested individuals to start off on the correct track without losing anything:

Resources quantity provided:

  •  Sometimes, unfamiliar users think that an unlimited amount of resources will cost them more. In fact, firms do provide that unlimited number of features for web hosting, at great prices. The budget kept in mind and facilities provided as guaranteed is a golden property. 

Efficient speed in loading:

  •  As businesses grow larger, the bigger audience has to be entertained. A few minutes of lagging can incur in a huge issue and loss. Digital transactions, especially, can cause clients or dealers to suffer and lose important data. Smooth and reliable loading speed is crucial. 

Registration of domains:

  •  Usually, well-established web hosts handle the domain registration procedures for their clients. The only task is to select a name and ensure it’s unique. The whole process for extracting and launching the latter is on the web host’s team to generate. 

Website relocation:

  • If you have an already existing webpage and wish to move your data to your new dedicated server, the host through which you shall execute this, needs to do so on your behalf freely.
  • Security standards:

Having an SSL certificate without further cost is the basic offerings that a good host shall provide in terms of security online. Proving their quality standards, the security scan should get rid of malware and ensure your webpage is secured from cyber-attacks.


Being confident with your choice can be supported by reading customer reviews for all the services on their websites. Compare those with your current situation and analyze the case study. At Atrix Host, the support staff is 24/7 available around the globe for phone calls, emails or chats to guide customers towards the right website hosting dedicated server.

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19 Aug 2020

Get the BestDedicated Server Hosting Services at Atrix

Website owners have as preference blazing fast performance and unlimited bandwidths provision. Those can be achieved via dedicated server hosting. What makes for the top dedicated server hosting? Let’s explore what features make for the best server hosting!

What makes for the best hosts?

Crucial aspects to search for in a top dedicated server host are as follows:

– A reasonable budget for powerful plans: A firm who can provide flexibility in their plans and payment plans that are customer-friendly.

– Flexibility in storage configuration: The provision for multiple drive bays that can be equipped with 1TB drives at least or 120 GB SSDs will promote flourishing website navigation.

– Adaptability and compatibility: Making a choice regarding the operating system is best when several versions are provided. The example is given, Windows users having the platform to choose Windows 2012 or 2016 servers is a life saviour.

– Reliable and honest customer care: A specialized web team to support clients’ queries and guarantee a fast response in emergency occasions is crucially important to be classified as top dedicated server hosts.

Who can provideall the top features a host should possess? Atrix Host, being globally experienced, offers flexibility with punctuality and affordability.

Top features of Atrix Host

Apart from providing clients with the necessary crucial aspects mentioned, Atrix Host is a provider of the finest monitoring services after implementation. USA or Asia, regardless of location, the team has a plethora of solutions for each hurdle. 24/7 support fixes all problems related to server hosting. As much as businesses value time, the team prioritizes time aspect and experts account for secured gateway while catering for all server- related needs.


It is possible to personalize packages and incorporate the latter in your current business methodology. The sheer force of owing a top dedicated server might be the best investment to consider. 24-hour core servers’ benefit as time goes by and promotes full operational capacity. Doing a thorough survey of options available among the top hosts is also recommended. Atrix Host stands out from the list of competitive hosts while also generating add-ons to clients!

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11 Aug 2020

Aiming for Speed In Servers

Looking for servers that show commitment and produce fruitful outcomes in terms of processing speed, is a hassle for sure. Why do we all look for this is no complex theory. The world is fast-paced, and so are deadlines. Getting work done quicker is a priority.

What to expect with Atrix Host?

Can all acquire this luxury? Indeed, in terms of affordability, services providers exist for everyone. At Atrix Host, providing a fast- dedicated server to clients is accomplished at reasonable pricing along with extra complementary features. The company has packages for all genres of users. Hence, it’s crucial to clearly specify which target will be making use of this feature.

Technical features allocated

The properties of an ample number of dedicated servers at Atrix Host are classified below:

– Fast network:

The rapid connection is assured by using AMD Quadcore, AMD Sexcore, AMD Octacore, Threaddripper and Dual Xeon amidst many others. The Turbo power varies while we are positioned among the firms showcasing the most powerful cores.

– RAM:

Ranging from 16 GB to 64 GB with multiple other combinations, the lagging moment experience upon browsing can be eradicated.

– IPV address block:

Reliable IPV address block is included in our packages and presents a full service that is worth the price paid for.

As mentioned, extra features are provided, and those might be, for example, free setup for your new server, by our dedicated team. Deployment is smoothly carried out and monitored till implemented by the user.

Special provisions await

With the years of experience in this field, a well-established team has taken birth at Atrix Host. It is necessary for experience in order to produce overwhelming and confident results. Apart from amazing and applaudable customer care, the team aids in custom server details. Clients can revert to us upon having a specific requirement, and we hustle to achieve the latter.


Taking the first step in this digitalized network should be precisely done. Having a team that manages one’s server infrastructure safely is a great saviour. Focus can be laid on handling your websites instead. Build your dream website with the dedicated fast server at Atrix Host!

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03 Aug 2020

Getting A Reliable Provider for Specified Server Demands

Owning a site induces much responsibility. The main step in achieving this quest is to adopt a shared hosting. This is, by far, the most affordable option. As your website evolves, the necessity to evolve into something more substantial is of utmost importance. What upgrade should I opt for? In fact, what is a dedicated server and how does this benefit me? Let’s proceed to clear all your doubts with reliable answers.

The contents of dedicated servers

If an individual is on the lookout for dedicated hosting, then this is the right platform. The latter is considered as one of the strongest server plans on the market. Having a website that is constantly evolving comes with a rise in traffic. To keep good standard of performance, a dedicated server is better prepared to handle a larger audience.

Similarly, an expanding business will deal with a lot more important and private data. To guarantee the security of the later, a dedicated server protects your website from viruses or hackers.

Being punctual and having the notion of the importance of time is necessary and can be forecasted for successful websites. Loading times should be kept to a minimal, and a dedicated server provides the bandwidth according to your needs and enhances the time taken for loading of webpages.

Where can I get aid from?

Having made up your mind to adopt a dedicated server, the search for a provider is pending. Coming to your rescue is Atrix Host. As an experienced team, we provide clients with the finest services concerning dedicated servers and many more. Once you commit to establishing a relationship with our services, the team is available 24/7 for support services. Atrix Host has founded networks in USA, Europe and Asia, to provide for all customers, regardless of location. Reliable support comes with punctual delivery of services, which is always on our agenda.


Looking to optimize security in your flourishing business is a smart choice. Dedicated server providers are not far from reach. Wanting a more personalized offer, the team does provide technical assistance to guide you through will full monitoring until implementation. Atrix Host looks forward to partnering with you over the wide array of dedicated servers.

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