A user must keep it in consideration that all the dedicated servers and the hosting solutions offered by the service providers are not similar when it comes to upgrading to a hosted dedicated server. It is quite tedious to know all the prominent features to look for while searching for a provider.


Some of the features of an affordable dedicated server are as follows:


  1. Server configuration: Selection of the desired operating system is not only the most critical aspect, the ability to access control over the server so that its configuration can be altered according to the needs of the user is also imperative.
  2. Control panel options: Management of server and applications operating on the server becomes more feasible with the assistance of great control panels. The in-built management tools which are extremely powerful ensure easy navigation. The popular control panels useful all over the world by various businesses are Plesk and cPanel.
  3. Operating system choices: The freedom to have the choice to select a suitable operating system is an alluring feature. A particular type of operating system such as Windows Server OS is needed to run the applications imperative for the business. A user must ensure that provider enables the user to run the OS needed.
  4. Hardware choices: An affordable dedicated server tends to look for a hosting provider providing a wide range of hardware options. Thus, it becomes easy for a user to have a hardware setup with the required performance capabilities and capacity without even paying for something that is stronger than the one needed.
  5. Security: Safety and security play a pivotal role while selecting a dedicated hosting provider because if the server gets hacked, all the IT operations of the company could be taken offline thereby putting the company at a standstill. This can cause damage to the reputation of the company, and customers may take legal actions. As a consequence, the company may go out of business within six months.

Management of server: Constant management of the server to the service provider checks the health and performance of the server, thereby making things easier and convenient for the long run.

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