There is a wide range of website, mail server, or web application hosting options available. Shared hosting or cloud hosting are gaining popularity as distinct websites share one server’s resources. Most companies prefer service provider offering dedicated hosting to access control and power. Dedicated hosting allows customers to rent a server from a dedicated hosting provider and can make use of the resources of the server.

Certain merits of selecting a dedicated hosting provider are as follows:

  1. Enhanced security and performance: A dedicated server offers more reliability and stability in case of a large number of visitors on the website. It provides assures maximum uptime for the website. It is fruitful for enterprises handling sensitive data, thereby enhancing security.
  2. Unique IP address: The IP address gets shared with various websites in case of shared hosting. This may put the rank of your website down. In the case of dedicated hosting, the website will have its own IP address.
  3. Flexibility: Dedicated server makes the customization process of the server quite flexible according to the requirements of the customer for RAM, disk space, software and CPU. In case of shared hosting customers have limited access to software, applications and the operating environment because of the immense load on the server. A dedicated server offers control and allows the customers to select the platform and software as per their needs.
  4. Server resources are not shared: Dedicated hosting provider ensures complete access to all the resources of the server. Customers do not have to worry about logging up the CPU and RAM of the server by other websites. A dedicated server ensures that bad scripts running on other websites do not cause any damage to the speed of the server.
  5. No overhead for maintaining or purchasing equipment: Dedicated hosting is a cost-effective way of managing the resources of a complete server. It is used when the enterprise does not have the required time and resources for managing the sever themselves. It manages the cost of maintaining and creating server equipment, thereby enhancing the return on investment.

No doubt, shared hosting is affordable, and dedicated hosting is quite expensive. But the website that contains sensitive data, massive traffic and needs security and customizations must go for dedicated hosting.

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