Do you own a business website with a fairly good amount of traffic on it? Have you ever noticed a slight delay while loading your website, and are wondering how to improve the online experience for your customers? If yes, then the answer to all your worries is simple: Dedicated Web Hosting.

Dedicated web hosting provides you with a dedicated physical server, which will be used only by you. There are numerous benefits of having a dedicated hosting server; here are some of the most prominent ones:

Better Performance

Let’s begin with the most obvious benefit: Better Performance. While having a shared server may be comparatively cheaper, it is only suitable for low traffic websites. Once a business grows to a level where there is good traffic on the websites, dedicated hosting becomes a necessity. As just one client uses the storage and memory, the server loads the web pages quickly without any lag time or crash, providing your customers with good speed and hassle-free experience.



Information security is a key benefit. Shared servers can be used by malicious websites and spammers that you would be unaware of. A website on a shared server is also at a high risk of being hacked. An incident like that would make the customers sceptical about the safety of your website.

On the other hand, dedicated servers are at very low risk of being hacked, and is dedicated to just one client, information of the business and the customers are at maximum safety.

Unique IP Address

A dedicated hosting server provides you with a unique IP address, which ensures that no low-grade spam site or adult sites share your IP address, and the ratings of your website, will not be pushed down due to such interference.


Dedicated web hosting provides you with the freedom to choose the disk space, RAM, and CPU specification. On a shared server, this is not possible as multiple clients use the server, but on a dedicated server, service providers will provide you customization options to suit your hosting requirements.


As we can see, there are numerous essential benefits of having dedicated hosting, as compared to shared hosting. So, if you have good traffic on your website, or if you are anticipating a spike in traffic, it is best to switch to a dedicated web hosting server.


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