Dedicated server hosting is nowadays a necessity for most high-traffic business websites. The smooth functioning of the website, information security, and having a unique IP address are only a few of the several benefits of having a server dedicated specifically to one client. A business website with high traffic may suffer while having a shared server and may risk having great losses.

Therefore, any growing business needs to understand well about dedicated servers and switch to one at the right time to ensure the perfect running of their online services and activities.

Here’s a brief look into the aspects of Dedicated Servers:

What is a Dedicated Server?

A dedicated server is a computer containing processors, RAM, storage, and other hardware components. However, the hardware in servers is very reliable and powerful compared to average computers.

Dedicated servers offer a web hosting space that is dedicated to just one client. Only one client uses all the storage and memory of a server, and nothing is shared by anyone else.

How it Benefits?

There are numerous benefits of having a server dedicated. As only one client uses the server, it ensures high-level speed and unobstructed performance for a website. When multiple clients operate through the same server, there are prone to interference issues such as bandwidth usage spikes of one website affect others, websites running extremely slow due to lack of storage, and other information security-related problems can also occur. On a dedicated server, all these issues are taken care of as only one client is operating on one server.

When to Choose?

For a high traffic website, a server dedicated is a necessity; therefore, a business must estimate their traffic growth and switch in advance, well before the traffic-spikes occur to ensure unobstructed service to its customers.


A dedicated server is a very necessary component of a successful business, and with numerous providers in the market, dedicated servers are highly affordable at the moment. A business can, therefore, choose to have a dedicated server as soon as they feel they want to provide their customers with a very elite level of service.


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