For any business owner, managing the expenses is of prime importance. To ensure steady progress the financial situation must be kept stable so that the required investments can be made at the right time.

Similarly, if you have an online business, you need to understand when the right time to switch to a dedicated server is. Switching too early would be a useless expense while switching late would result in huge losses due to the unsatisfactory experience on your website.

Here are some common reasons, why you would need a website hosting dedicated server:

Reasons to Switch

If you are experiencing any of the following situations, switching to a dedicated would surely be a suitable decision for you.

  1. Speed and Performance

    – When your business is growing and the amount of data on your shared server is too high, the website starts to slow down, and it becomes very irritating for the users to browse your site. So, if you are experiencing a lag in your website performance, and the pages are taking too long to load, it is surely the time to change to a dedicated server.

  2. Data Safety

    – If your website holds extremely sensitive data of the users, it is best to have a dedicated server for your business. Shared servers are shared by other parties that can be unreliable, and sensitive data on such servers is always vulnerable to hacking.

  3. Better Control

    – A shared server can have many limitations for a growing business. Installing some software on the server or hardware upgrades such as CPU and RAM upgrades may not be possible on a shared server. Whereas a dedicated server provides you full control, and you can modify the configuration and add new features whenever you like.

A Suggestion

The above mentioned are the most common reasons why you would need a dedicated server for your website. If you are facing any of these issues, contact us at to get yourself a website hosting dedicated server. We offer the best-dedicated servers and cloud solutions customized according to your requirements, no matter how small or large scale it is.

Don’t waste time; get your website a dedicated server and increase your customer traffic without any worries.

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