Growing businesses need to constantly improve their business functionality to keep the rate of progress from plummeting down after initial growth. For this, businesses have to constantly come up with new strategies and marketing techniques.

From ads to offers, from display to quality of service, everything has to be constantly improved and introduced at the right time to maintain and accelerate the growth of a business. If a business fails to do so, the brand value may be affected, and it results in customers losing interest in a certain service.

Most businesses are well-aware of these aspects but only a few understand the importance of a better online user-experience when it comes to business growth. Quick load-time, assured data safety, and overall improved online quality is equally important, if not more than the traditional marketing strategies.

Lagging and slow loading pages create an irritating experience for the user; and this one reason can affect your business greatly, even though you are taking care of everything else. The only solution to this problem is having a dedicated server.

So, how does a dedicated server work, you wonder?

Well, let’s get a deeper look at how it works, its purpose and benefits, and other most common concerns:

What is a Dedicated Server?

The dedicated server is also known as dedicated hosting services, managed hosting, and dedicated web hosting services. Dedicated web hosting is the process of assigning a dedicated physical server to your website and other online activities. You may use it for streaming, online gaming, private cloud database, web hosting, and several other such purposes.

The purpose of dedicated web hosting is offering a fully customizable dedicated hosting service to a business so that the business can make use of the server the way it suits them the best. At an early stage, most businesses start with shared servers, which have quite a few limitations when it comes to customization, and quite a few flaws when it comes to speed and data security.

Benefits of Dedicated Web Hosting over Shared Hosting

Shared hosting is when a server is not used by a single party but is shared by multiple organizations. While this may suit well for the initial stages, as a business grows there will surely arise an urgent need for a dedicated hosting service. Here’s why,

The most obvious benefit of dedicated hosting is the availability of space. The entire storage space is used by a single organization and therefore there is no concern about some other organization jamming up the storage with its data.

With single ownership comes great flexibility and control over the server. You can now upgrade, downgrade, add, and remove, features on a server according to the needs of your business.

It also allows full customizability; you can now make changes in the software, disk space, RAM, and CPU at will. This is simply not possible on a shared server as it is used by multiple organizations and the service provider cannot make changes based on the requirements of just one organization.

Data security is another major benefit of having dedicated web hosting services. A lot of sensitive data is usually stored on a server; and if it is a shared one, the same server can be used by other untrustworthy organizations as well.

Having a dedicated web hosting service completely solves this problem. The server is dedicated to just one organization and so no other parties can get hold of the data stored on it.

Why You Need a Dedicated Server?

Dedicated hosting servers are extremely useful for e-commerce websites, live streaming platforms, gaming platforms, and other such applications that have to provide a seamless service while handling loads of data at the same time.

Due to its safety features, dedicated hosting can be used for other corporate needs such as, conducting team meetings, communicating confidential and sensitive information with the staff, and as safe storage for all the sensitive data of a business.

Dedicated hosting allows you better control, customization, and administrative powers, allowing you to apply your business strategies effectively whenever you want. Before making changes, the business doesn’t have to worry about the storage and memory, as it can now be customized or upgraded at will.

This complete control directly results in a better user experience and thus the growth of the business. When your online service takes less load-time, looks attractive, interesting, and offers the best data-safety, it projects a sense of reliability among the users and gains their trust.

So, if you wish to keep your business growth steady, without worrying about unexpected security situations, storage capacity, and site-load time, you surely will need a dedicated web hosting service for your website. Or else, you are at constant risk of losing the hard-earned initial growth of your business.

Where to Find the Best Dedicated Hosting Service?

There are many service providers online, but before hiring it is best to confirm that the service provider you choose is reliable enough. To understand this, you can check the amount of experience a service provider has, the various features they offer, the locations they host in, their customer service and how fast can they deploy the server.

The quality traits of a reliable service provider would be,

  • Years of experience,
  • Flexibility and Customizability powers on the server
  • Best Quality at Affordable Prices
  • Quick Deployment
  • Better Security
  • 24/7 customer support

A Suggestion

Well, we mentioned the most common traits that you would want to look for before hiring a dedicated web hosting service. But if you want an exceptional service provider to take care of your business needs, contact us at Atrix Host. AtrixHostis one of the leading dedicated web hosting services and offers the best service at affordable rates.

Do not forget to check our pre-configured instantly deployable servers as well. And do not hesitate to contact customer service for all your queries and concern.

So, that concludes all; there’s nothing to wait for anymore, just get your dedicated server deployed and keep growing as you are so destined to be.

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