One of the most commonly discussed benefits of a dedicated server is that you can host multiple websites on it. Yet it leaves a few questions in an average person’s mind. Questions like,

How many websites can I host on a Dedicated Server?

“What can I do with it?”


“What are the benefits of hosting multiple sites on a dedicated server? “

All these are relevant questions, and as a businessperson, you surely need to know about them to reap optimum results from your dedicated server.

So, to make things easier for you, let’s get deeper into this topic; let’s try to understand how many websites can be hosted on a dedicated server, which factors determine the suitable number of websites a dedicated server can host, and what its benefits are. 

How many websites can be hosted on a dedicated server?

Well, unfortunately, the answer to this question is not a straightforward one. While hosting multiple sites, you wouldn’t want to compromise on performance and user experience. One can either host thousands of websites on a dedicated server or may require multiple dedicated servers just to handle one website; the number actually depends on various specifications of the websites to be hosted.

Server capacity, Types of websites, bandwidth consumption, and your business requirements, all play a role in determining the number of websites suitable to host on your dedicated server.

So, let’s take a look at these factors in more detail. 

Server Capability

Server specifications such as RAM, HDD space, and CPU are directly related to the number of websites you can host. The more websites you need to host the better server capacity you’ll need for the smooth functioning of all websites. So if you are planning to host numerous websites on your dedicated server you will need to have the best server specifications available. 

Types of Websites

Based on website designs all websites can be classified into two main types, static websites, and dynamic websites.

  • Static Websites: Static websites are basic HTML websites containing simple pages and a lesser volume of information. Usually, static websites do not require much space as there is very little interaction with the user, and very little data processing is involved. So, if you are going to host static websites, you can host hundreds of websites on a single dedicated server; all you need is good disk space to store all the data.
  • Dynamic Websites: Dynamic websites are more complex and require databases for content management. There is a lot of data and information involved and the web pages are more dynamic and interactive, thus the name dynamic websites. To host multiple dynamic websites you need a strong RAM and CPU, as these websites depend on faster processing and quick access of data.  

On a moderately sized dedicated server you can host anywhere between 150 to 250 websites, but this number may vary depending on other factors that we’ll discuss further. 

Bandwidth Consumption

Bandwidth is the amount of data being transferred from a website to the user through the internet within a certain period. Bandwidth is directly proportional to the traffic a website has and the type of content hosted on the website. Websites with a large number of users and high-definition content such as videos, pictures, and live-stream, require a larger bandwidth. And for better performance of all websites, it is best not to host many such websites on one dedicated server. 

Services and Applications

The suitable number of websites to be hosted on a dedicated server depends on the number and types of applications you will run on your server. Other than just website hosting a dedicated server may have other applications such as email, gaming, or Forex trading. All these applications require more bandwidth and hence this can affect the number of websites one can host on a dedicated server. 

Business Requirements

Arguably the last and the most important factor are your business requirements and plans. If you are getting a dedicated server to host websites and you plan to sell web hosting services, you can host a combination of dynamic and static websites on your dedicated server. Like this, you can create a profitable business through web hosting and also provide fast and stable performance to all your websites.

If you own a business and that is the reason you are choosing to have a dedicated server, then you need to understand your business plans well, before you host numerous websites on your dedicated server. Any business runs on a scope of expansion, and when your business website expands you need to have space for yourself on your dedicated server. In such cases, it is best to host a fewer number of other websites on your dedicated server and use the server mainly for internal business-related purposes. 

Benefits of Hosting Multiple Websites

Well, the benefits are already explained through the above discussion, but let’s list a few quick benefits for better understanding.

  • A Business Opportunity: Hosting multiple websites on a dedicated server opens a business opportunity in the form of web hosting services. You can host many websites and create a successful web hosting business through it.
  • Cost Management: For a business, hosting other websites allows them to share the cost of having a dedicated server. The business can enjoy the fast and better performance of a dedicated server and also earn profits by giving hosting services to other websites.  

How to Get a Dedicated Server?

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