If you have just started a business, it is preferable to launch a website dedicated to your business so that it is available online as well. Starting an online business includes taking numerous decisions; one of them is choosing the right internet hosting service for the website. Opting for a shared hosting platform would be the best option in the initial phase due to its affordable cost. But as your business starts growing, upgrading becomes necessary. At this point, you should consider switching from a shared hosting platform to a dedicated server provider.


What is dedicated hosting?


A dedicated server hosting service is a type of internet hosting in which the website owner hires an entire server and all its resources and does not share it with anyone else. This type of internet hosting is also known as a dedicated hosting service, dedicated server, or managed hosting service. The organization that is using dedicated server hosting services is responsible for controlling the entire server or, in some cases, many servers. This service is better than shared hosting as it provides the organization with more flexibility. Now, they can choose the required hardware, operating system, etc., on their own accord.


Why do you need a dedicated server?


Although dedicated hosting is a powerful server plan, you might still contemplate getting it. Here are four reasons you should opt for this service.


  • You can handle your website better:

If your website is rapidly growing, you should definitely switch to a dedicated server. This is because as your website grows, it will attract more customers, which will result in increased traffic. A shared hosting server cannot manage such huge traffic effectively. Consequently, the performance of your website will drop significantly. This can result in loss of revenue and high bounce rates. To avoid such problems, you should switch to a dedicated server and improve the website’s performance.


  • Improved security:

Every website needs security, but it is especially important for websites that handle sensitive information such as credit card numbers, confidential emails, or sensitive customer information. This information and your website must be protected from hackers, viruses, and other threats. If you use a dedicated server for your website, you will be responsible for its security. You can adjust the features according to the needs of your site and files. Certain hosts provide plans that include semi-managed or fully managed maintenance. This allows you to trust your host with mission-critical functions while allowing you to handle all other concerns.


  • Optimizes loading time:

The loading time of your page has an impact on each aspect of the website. If the page loading time is slow, it can result in high bounce rates and low engagement metrics. You can fix this problem with the help of a dedicated server. If your website runs on a shared server, you don’t get a proper insight into the server, and hence, will not know when the server’s resources are being used elsewhere, which will make your website slower. A dedicated server will give you proper insight as well as the bandwidth you need for faster page loading.


  • Proper control over your website:

You will have complete control over your server. Unlike shared hosting, dedicated server hosting services provide you with full responsibility for using the server however you want. You will have the right to choose whichever server software you prefer and the operating system, and then you can adjust the hardware specification on your own accord. All of this makes a dedicated server the best option for those you have specific and unique requirements, as well as for advanced developers.


When do you need a dedicated server?


Now that you know why you should get dedicated server hosting services, let us see when the right time is for you to actually get these services, especially when there are many cheaper alternatives available in the market. Firstly, you have to check and consider whether or not there is more traffic on your website than usual. If it does have a lot of traffic, that means your website is growing as you have more customers. In that case, you have to upgrade to a dedicated server to avoid issues like high bounce rates and low revenue.


Different server options provide large bandwidths along with fast loading time. But when it comes to security, dedicated servers have one extra point. This is because, with dedicated servers, you exercise complete control over the server, and hence, can decide how it operates and runs. Lastly, whether you need a dedicated server or not depends on the requirements of the website. If your website needs specific features, you have to opt for these services because shared hosting does not give you complete control over the server. Moreover, opting for dedicated servers can never be the wrong option until and unless your budget permits it.


A recent survey revealed that dedicated servers are the best hosting arrangements for any business and website, but they can be expensive. Your website is safe and unaffected by other websites because you don’t share the server. This means that your website won’t slow down, even if other websites are busy. If your website is on a shared server, it could happen that you will have to compete for server resources with up to 300 websites. You don’t share your dedicated server with other websites, which is why it is considered one of the most reliable and secure hosting services.


A dedicated server is worth it because website owners can reap many benefits. Hosting servers will help make your website more popular and easily accessible to everyone. This will, in turn, increase your company’s profit. Although dedicated servers are more expensive than shared servers, it is still very worthwhile to have one. This platform is ideal for both new companies and established businesses. It is better to choose a dedicated server if you plan to start an online business with at least 2 websites. It is well-known that shared servers will cost you less, but they will not deliver the kind of quality you expect.








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