21 May 2018

Which Type of Server Hosting Plan Should You Go For?

Finding server hosts for your organization in 2018 can be tricky, especially when you look for the ones that are not only pocket-friendly but also have a high quality of service. Doing copious amounts of research can get you far and depending on what you need, options are bound to be present. We look at two popular types of server hosting services, the virtual private servers (VPS) and cloud servers.

The Pros and Cons Virtual Private Servers


  • The best managed dedicated hosting sites are flexible will always allow a trial. Based on the requirements of your business, you can customize or change the plan accordingly. There is no need to shell out large quantities of money and go for long-term contracts
  • Finding any well managed dedicated server though could be tricky but a search on the inter-webs and forums should lead you to your destination surprisingly quick.
  • There is no need to fear about the occurrence of malicious activity from hackers since privacy and security are top-notch with VPS. The latest encryption algorithms are used for maximum protection.


  • The inherent limitations mentioned transcend the solutions that can be concocted as one single computer serving a single person can never be as profitable to the host. Corners have to be cut somewhere.

The Pros and Cons of Cloud Servers


  • This hosting service is where a collection of servers on a network all link up and are connected together logically and physically.
  • They can share resources to function well and also provide virtualization that cannot only connect multiple hosts but also ensure non-interference among them.
  • Dedicated cloud server hosting is also available improving performance, and speed.


  • A collection of server machines all linked up logically and physically make up this contender. As physical distances have no meaning over the internet, the tangible servers can be located on different parts of the world, even spread out in different continents.
  • They share resources like computing power and clients, who by the way never interfere with each other through the use of virtualization.


Ultimately, whether you go for cloud server hosting or VPS hosting depends on your exact specific needs. Real-time and interactive websites and applications function better with cloud servers while other applications find VPS hosting to be sufficient.

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07 Feb 2018

What should you look for in a server hosting provider?

With the advent of rapid internet expansion, there has never been a greater need for hosting services than now. As a result, there has been a rapid surge in demand for bare metal servers, and that has led to the emergence of several of such hosting service providers. The question is, “How to score a good band for the buck?” These services, although cheap, can come with a few hidden caveats that don’t make themselves apparent easily. So, if you are in that market for such a solution, what should you look for your dedicated cloud server hosting service provider?  Well, here are a few things to consider:

  1. Scalability: Since online business can generate a lot of traffic, it can become quite difficult to keep operating on existing hardware. So in order to remain operational, websites must migrate to more powerful hardware to keep up with the traffic and avoid crashes. A good service hosting service must allow you to make the migration without having too much of downtime.
  2. Security: Although the end security is always depends on your code, some of the best cloud service providers always aid you with extras like abilities to integrate Sitelock and Codeguard into your web server. On good service providers, they come bundled or are available as add-ons for a nominal fee. Having this ensures that your content is protected with an extra layer of security.
  3. Prices: Prices are subjective and depends on what kind of overall configuration you chose to run your server on but even then a few sites might charge you for the heck of it and that isn’t really a smart choice. Aim for something that comes with a decent amount of features and is priced reasonably competing with others.
  4. Assigning IP’s: It’s pretty common to see sites using multiple IP addresses for communications. This is primarily done on the side of the server provider, for a small fee. But the point is, some may not allow you have multiple IP addresses and that could prove to be an inconvenience, so keep that in mind.

These were some of the suggestions that you can keep in mind while shopping for a bare metal server. Of course, the more features that it comes with it, the better but good cloud hosting services usually have these as standard.

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06 Dec 2017

Make Your Online Business Successful with Linux VPS Hosting

Launching an online platform for your business requires a reliable hosting service. And among all the options, the Linux VPS hosting serves the business platforms with great effectiveness.

In order to understand its effectiveness, first, you need to know about the functionality of this hosting. 

What is Linux VPS hosting?

Linux is an open distribution source of the operating system, under which, the vps cloud server hosting is provided. This hosting facility gives you the ability to ensure the quality performance of your site. In fact, with the managed VPS hosting, you don’t even have to worry about the technical aspects. The professionals do the job for you and keep your site user-friendly for your customers. 

Amazing features

The Linux operating system provides a high-quality stability. The business websites get to use and operate the required applications according to the need of the situation. This helps in saving more cash and investing only for what you are getting.

For the security, you can easily install the firewall to block any unauthorized interruptions. Along with security and performance, your site also achieves the desired user experience as well. 

Advantages for your business

The security is the biggest advantage most business platforms prefer this hosting. In the world where every online business feels the threat of cyber-attack, the Linux offers a stable environment. The latest security malware on the system makes it non-penetrable for the cyber criminals.

Another advantage would be the ability to grow. As your online business grows, the hosting can also be enhanced to manage the high traffic and loading speed of the pages. A reliable hosting provider ensures that you get the notifications regarding the upgrades and get optimum resources for quality performance.

Many new startups look for the managed VPS hosting. The managed services help you to reduce the stress of the security, performance, and other server operations. While the host handles all the technical aspects, you can focus on growing your business.

So, whenever you decide to tap into the online business world, make sure you get the reliable host with quality services.

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22 Nov 2017

5 Factors That Make Cloud Linux Hosting a Valuable Option

The search for efficiency attracts small and big businesses towards the cloud. Among all the others, these are the most specific reasons that make cloud Linux hosting highly beneficial. 

  • Reduction in the IT infrastructure

Having the linux cloud server hosting allows your business to reduce the IT infrastructure without compromising the quality of the capacities. The reduction provides lesser stress and effort in maintaining a big staff and the hardware as well. In fact, there are many organizations that rely solely on the cloud server and don’t use any sort of onsite infrastructure. 

  • Instant software updates

Being in the cloud server lets you instantly get the new functionalities of the updates. As soon as a fresh software arrives, customers get to have them and advantage their enterprise with the new features. This has gained a lot of popularity for the cloud server and attracted businesses from various sectors. 

  • Reasonable payment required

In the cloud solutions, customers only need to pay for the utilized resources. This includes both the infrastructure and capabilities offered by the servers. Any additional resources are provided according to the demand of the customers.  This opens the hands of the business leaders and allows them to ensure the quality server facilities at the most reasonable prices. 

  • Work from anywhere

The applications used in the cloud solutions make work really convenient for the employees. They can access the internet and use their smart devices to work from anywhere. 

  • Instant collaboration

When two or more partners work together, the collaboration between them decides the future of the company. The arrival of cloud solutions brings the ability of instant collaboration in the company. Sharing data and information becomes possible in real time and allows the partners to work better.

Apart from all these, the cost-effectiveness, amazing optimization abilities, and smoothness in the services make it a wise solution for the businesses.

So, it is the time that you start thinking about these factors and shift in order to bring the efficiency in the infrastructure of your business.

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