28 Oct 2020

The Importance of Choosing the Right Location for Your Server

As we all know, the reason for choosing a website hosting a dedicated server is to reduce the web page loading time. Every web page consists of several files that have to be loaded as fast as possible, for the best user experience. Web developers keep the site fully optimized to achieve good speed, and a good dedicated server also helps in reducing the webpage loading time.

However, when it comes to achieving good results, choosing the right location for the servers is also very important. Here’s why choosing the right location of the servers is important when you choose a dedicated server.

Safety of a Server

Dedicated servers are just physical computers, and their physical safety is very important to ensure the safety of your website. Places, which are very prone to natural disasters like earthquakes, wildfires, and storms, may not be considered suitable as server locations because, in case of any disaster at the server location, your server can become unresponsive.

Service providers do offer quick migrations. However, it is better to choose a good location to avoid hassles. The same is also applicable to locations that are not politically stable. A sudden change in the government, or a state of war, can cause your server to be lost completely. Therefore, it is best to choose a safer peaceful location for your web hosting dedicated servers.

Better Speed

Yes, the location of your dedicated server does affect the loading speed of the website. The farther the location of the server from the user, the longer it will take to load. Several types of research have proved that an average person does not wait for more than 2 to 3 minutes for a page to load. To ensure that your webpage loads fast, the location of your dedicated server has to be near to the location of the majority of your users.


Though it seems unimportant, on a closer look, the point is clear that choosing the right location of the dedicated server is a very important factor that affects the speed and performance of your website. Hence, before getting the dedicated server, do make sure that you have chosen the right location, which is not only safe but also closer to your users.

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20 Oct 2020

Understanding Dedicated Servers

Dedicated server hosting is nowadays a necessity for most high-traffic business websites. The smooth functioning of the website, information security, and having a unique IP address are only a few of the several benefits of having a server dedicated specifically to one client. A business website with high traffic may suffer while having a shared server and may risk having great losses.

Therefore, any growing business needs to understand well about dedicated servers and switch to one at the right time to ensure the perfect running of their online services and activities.

Here’s a brief look into the aspects of Dedicated Servers:

What is a Dedicated Server?

A dedicated server is a computer containing processors, RAM, storage, and other hardware components. However, the hardware in servers is very reliable and powerful compared to average computers.

Dedicated servers offer a web hosting space that is dedicated to just one client. Only one client uses all the storage and memory of a server, and nothing is shared by anyone else.

How it Benefits?

There are numerous benefits of having a server dedicated. As only one client uses the server, it ensures high-level speed and unobstructed performance for a website. When multiple clients operate through the same server, there are prone to interference issues such as bandwidth usage spikes of one website affect others, websites running extremely slow due to lack of storage, and other information security-related problems can also occur. On a dedicated server, all these issues are taken care of as only one client is operating on one server.

When to Choose?

For a high traffic website, a server dedicated is a necessity; therefore, a business must estimate their traffic growth and switch in advance, well before the traffic-spikes occur to ensure unobstructed service to its customers.


A dedicated server is a very necessary component of a successful business, and with numerous providers in the market, dedicated servers are highly affordable at the moment. A business can, therefore, choose to have a dedicated server as soon as they feel they want to provide their customers with a very elite level of service.


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08 Oct 2020

Benefits of Having Dedicated Web Hosting

Do you own a business website with a fairly good amount of traffic on it? Have you ever noticed a slight delay while loading your website, and are wondering how to improve the online experience for your customers? If yes, then the answer to all your worries is simple: Dedicated Web Hosting.

Dedicated web hosting provides you with a dedicated physical server, which will be used only by you. There are numerous benefits of having a dedicated hosting server; here are some of the most prominent ones:

Better Performance

Let’s begin with the most obvious benefit: Better Performance. While having a shared server may be comparatively cheaper, it is only suitable for low traffic websites. Once a business grows to a level where there is good traffic on the websites, dedicated hosting becomes a necessity. As just one client uses the storage and memory, the server loads the web pages quickly without any lag time or crash, providing your customers with good speed and hassle-free experience.



Information security is a key benefit. Shared servers can be used by malicious websites and spammers that you would be unaware of. A website on a shared server is also at a high risk of being hacked. An incident like that would make the customers sceptical about the safety of your website.

On the other hand, dedicated servers are at very low risk of being hacked, and is dedicated to just one client, information of the business and the customers are at maximum safety.

Unique IP Address

A dedicated hosting server provides you with a unique IP address, which ensures that no low-grade spam site or adult sites share your IP address, and the ratings of your website, will not be pushed down due to such interference.


Dedicated web hosting provides you with the freedom to choose the disk space, RAM, and CPU specification. On a shared server, this is not possible as multiple clients use the server, but on a dedicated server, service providers will provide you customization options to suit your hosting requirements.


As we can see, there are numerous essential benefits of having dedicated hosting, as compared to shared hosting. So, if you have good traffic on your website, or if you are anticipating a spike in traffic, it is best to switch to a dedicated web hosting server.


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02 Oct 2020

Choose the Right Dedicated Server Provider

When choosing a custom dedicated server for your website, it is extremely important to choose the right service provider to avoid problems in the future. It is a big hassle to be stuck with a bad provider, and you also run the risk of losing a great amount of business due to this.

Here are some important factors to check before making payment to a service provider offering a dedicated server.


Nothing beats experience: Yes, the statement holds true in all cases, including this. Choose a service provider with a good amount of experience in the field. Good experience means that the service provider is well aware of all the aspects of a dedicated server and will cater to your needs better than others.


Before making the payment, it is necessary to check the level of customization available with a service provider. Choose a service provider who offers flexibility, customizations, and easy migrations between different plans. This ensures that you can stick to one service provider as you gradually make upgrades to your server as needed.

Customer Support

Any reliable company values its customers. Always choose a service provider who has a solid and reliable customer support and technical support feature. In case of any uncertainties, the service provider must be quick to address the issue and solve it, to avoid interruptions in your business functionality.


Many custom dedicated server providers sometimes offer very cheap service. What goes unnoticed is the location of their servers. Service providers can offer you servers located at unsafe locations, which can incur great losses for your business at a later point in time. Therefore it is best to choose a service to provide that offers servers at safe and reliable locations.


There are many service providers in the market today, and therefore you must research well before making a choice. When choosing a service provider, the price must be suitable for the services you choose. It is also necessary to check that the service provider doesn’t compromise on standards while offering a lower price.


As it is apparent, choosing the right service provider is extremely important, and going through the above-mentioned factors before making the payment will make sure that you enjoy a long-term, strong and smooth relation with your dedicated server provider.


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23 Sep 2020

5 Prominent Benefits of Selecting a Dedicated Hosting Provider

There is a wide range of website, mail server, or web application hosting options available. Shared hosting or cloud hosting are gaining popularity as distinct websites share one server’s resources. Most companies prefer service provider offering dedicated hosting to access control and power. Dedicated hosting allows customers to rent a server from a dedicated hosting provider and can make use of the resources of the server.

Certain merits of selecting a dedicated hosting provider are as follows:

  1. Enhanced security and performance: A dedicated server offers more reliability and stability in case of a large number of visitors on the website. It provides assures maximum uptime for the website. It is fruitful for enterprises handling sensitive data, thereby enhancing security.
  2. Unique IP address: The IP address gets shared with various websites in case of shared hosting. This may put the rank of your website down. In the case of dedicated hosting, the website will have its own IP address.
  3. Flexibility: Dedicated server makes the customization process of the server quite flexible according to the requirements of the customer for RAM, disk space, software and CPU. In case of shared hosting customers have limited access to software, applications and the operating environment because of the immense load on the server. A dedicated server offers control and allows the customers to select the platform and software as per their needs.
  4. Server resources are not shared: Dedicated hosting provider ensures complete access to all the resources of the server. Customers do not have to worry about logging up the CPU and RAM of the server by other websites. A dedicated server ensures that bad scripts running on other websites do not cause any damage to the speed of the server.
  5. No overhead for maintaining or purchasing equipment: Dedicated hosting is a cost-effective way of managing the resources of a complete server. It is used when the enterprise does not have the required time and resources for managing the sever themselves. It manages the cost of maintaining and creating server equipment, thereby enhancing the return on investment.

No doubt, shared hosting is affordable, and dedicated hosting is quite expensive. But the website that contains sensitive data, massive traffic and needs security and customizations must go for dedicated hosting.

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17 Sep 2020

6 Features of Dedicated Server Hosting You Cannot Ignore

A user must keep it in consideration that all the dedicated servers and the hosting solutions offered by the service providers are not similar when it comes to upgrading to a hosted dedicated server. It is quite tedious to know all the prominent features to look for while searching for a provider.


Some of the features of an affordable dedicated server are as follows:


  1. Server configuration: Selection of the desired operating system is not only the most critical aspect, the ability to access control over the server so that its configuration can be altered according to the needs of the user is also imperative.
  2. Control panel options: Management of server and applications operating on the server becomes more feasible with the assistance of great control panels. The in-built management tools which are extremely powerful ensure easy navigation. The popular control panels useful all over the world by various businesses are Plesk and cPanel.
  3. Operating system choices: The freedom to have the choice to select a suitable operating system is an alluring feature. A particular type of operating system such as Windows Server OS is needed to run the applications imperative for the business. A user must ensure that provider enables the user to run the OS needed.
  4. Hardware choices: An affordable dedicated server tends to look for a hosting provider providing a wide range of hardware options. Thus, it becomes easy for a user to have a hardware setup with the required performance capabilities and capacity without even paying for something that is stronger than the one needed.
  5. Security: Safety and security play a pivotal role while selecting a dedicated hosting provider because if the server gets hacked, all the IT operations of the company could be taken offline thereby putting the company at a standstill. This can cause damage to the reputation of the company, and customers may take legal actions. As a consequence, the company may go out of business within six months.

Management of server: Constant management of the server to the service provider checks the health and performance of the server, thereby making things easier and convenient for the long run.

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09 Sep 2020

What is the Significance of Dedicated Hosting

Nowadays, there is a broad range of mail server or website hosting options available for a business. Selecting a no-cost hosting server is not a suitable option for a profitable business. Dedicated servers are popular because of greater customization and flexibility. It is imperative to know the significant differences between dedicated hosting and cloud hosting services to make an informed decision for the business.

A dedicated server operates as a virtualized hosting platform. A public cloud placed inside a data centre can host various servers on the same hardware while the primary server hardware provides a base level of support. However, dedicated servers are hardware and hosting and maintenance of the hardware is done in a physical data centre location. A low cost dedicated server can be traced back to a particular location.

Merits and demerits

It is quite evident that dedicated servers and cloud servers are distinctive from each other. A dedicated server can be set up at very conveniently and at a rapid pace. This is one of the significant advantages of a dedicated cloud server as these virtual servers are cloud-based, thereby setting up can be carried out within a few seconds.

Dedicated servers having a physical requirement for resources and space may take a few hours in setting up. Cloud hosting, on the other hand, is relatively cost-effective because of its virtual nature.

A dedicated server offers a wide range of benefits that a cloud server does not. A dedicated server offers exquisite security to beginners and is imperative for any kind of business that deals with sensitive data. Any other cloud server does not offer the speed and power provided by a low cost dedicated server. This server provides customization and optimization facilities for speed according to the requirement of the organization.

Deciding the right option

Now that the merits and demerits and significant difference between the two hosting services are quite evident choosing the right hosting server becomes comparatively easy. A dedicated server is the most practical option cost in terms of web hosting because of the speed, ability to customize, security and worth the cost.

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03 Sep 2020

Get A Desired Dedicated Server

When a website is fully developed and has a large number of visitors, a dedicated server is needed. A dedicated server comprises of all the hosting options including memory, bandwidth and processor emphasizing on serving the content on the website. This server allows an owner to look for hosting provider and infrastructure designed according to the requirements of the owner.

As the culmination of web hosting is quite cost consuming, thereby it is imperative to avoid potential buyers from getting a shock because of the high price. Certain things to consider dedicated hosting solutions are as follows:

  1. Never go for the one that is latest and completely new. First, consider the prevailing hosting configuration and estimate the projected growth in the coming years. Make use of these specifications while comparing the servers. Further, factors such as bandwidth, operating system, disk space, kind of storage and memory must be kept into consideration.
  2. There is a wide range of hosting servers providing a hand-free hosting experience to the customers. Distinct hosting providers consider managed services in different ways. However, they include load balancing, security patching, system monitoring, and automatic scaling configuring and their combinations. Management of server is a time-consuming process as it needs patience and experience.
  3. A data centre outage alone and Unplanned IT downtime results in a loss of $26 billion upward in revenue every year. Dedicated hosting solutions ensure the latest levels of performance and speed. Various hosting servers provide service level agreements and exquisite uptime guarantees to the potential customers.
  4. A dedicated server allows the owner to have unlimited control over it. An owner can configure and optimize the server according to the business requirements. Always go for server with DDoS protection and SSL certification to ensure security.
  5. A server with scaling dedicated environment allows the site to expand comfortably. More resources can be prepared and added with the increase in visitors to certain thresholds.
  6. A dedicated server ensures superior attention to highest-paid customers. Always consider the time it takes to resolve an issue while consulting with prospective hosts.

Note: Prefer saving money for features such as content delivery network, coaching tools, DDoS protection and mitigation, and high quality and disaster recovery for enhancing the performance and security.

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25 Aug 2020

Revamp Your Website as Per Your Command!

The use of a web host ensures and uses technologies to provide for the web page’s visibility on the internet. If you are a beginner and looking to adopt a website hosting dedicated server currently, or if you are already familiar to this, Atrix Host has some golden tips for everyone!

Features a good hosting service possesses

This precisely thought of list is simplified for interested individuals to start off on the correct track without losing anything:

Resources quantity provided:

  •  Sometimes, unfamiliar users think that an unlimited amount of resources will cost them more. In fact, firms do provide that unlimited number of features for web hosting, at great prices. The budget kept in mind and facilities provided as guaranteed is a golden property. 

Efficient speed in loading:

  •  As businesses grow larger, the bigger audience has to be entertained. A few minutes of lagging can incur in a huge issue and loss. Digital transactions, especially, can cause clients or dealers to suffer and lose important data. Smooth and reliable loading speed is crucial. 

Registration of domains:

  •  Usually, well-established web hosts handle the domain registration procedures for their clients. The only task is to select a name and ensure it’s unique. The whole process for extracting and launching the latter is on the web host’s team to generate. 

Website relocation:

  • If you have an already existing webpage and wish to move your data to your new dedicated server, the host through which you shall execute this, needs to do so on your behalf freely.
  • Security standards:

Having an SSL certificate without further cost is the basic offerings that a good host shall provide in terms of security online. Proving their quality standards, the security scan should get rid of malware and ensure your webpage is secured from cyber-attacks.


Being confident with your choice can be supported by reading customer reviews for all the services on their websites. Compare those with your current situation and analyze the case study. At Atrix Host, the support staff is 24/7 available around the globe for phone calls, emails or chats to guide customers towards the right website hosting dedicated server.

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19 Aug 2020

Get the BestDedicated Server Hosting Services at Atrix

Website owners have as preference blazing fast performance and unlimited bandwidths provision. Those can be achieved via dedicated server hosting. What makes for the top dedicated server hosting? Let’s explore what features make for the best server hosting!

What makes for the best hosts?

Crucial aspects to search for in a top dedicated server host are as follows:

– A reasonable budget for powerful plans: A firm who can provide flexibility in their plans and payment plans that are customer-friendly.

– Flexibility in storage configuration: The provision for multiple drive bays that can be equipped with 1TB drives at least or 120 GB SSDs will promote flourishing website navigation.

– Adaptability and compatibility: Making a choice regarding the operating system is best when several versions are provided. The example is given, Windows users having the platform to choose Windows 2012 or 2016 servers is a life saviour.

– Reliable and honest customer care: A specialized web team to support clients’ queries and guarantee a fast response in emergency occasions is crucially important to be classified as top dedicated server hosts.

Who can provideall the top features a host should possess? Atrix Host, being globally experienced, offers flexibility with punctuality and affordability.

Top features of Atrix Host

Apart from providing clients with the necessary crucial aspects mentioned, Atrix Host is a provider of the finest monitoring services after implementation. USA or Asia, regardless of location, the team has a plethora of solutions for each hurdle. 24/7 support fixes all problems related to server hosting. As much as businesses value time, the team prioritizes time aspect and experts account for secured gateway while catering for all server- related needs.


It is possible to personalize packages and incorporate the latter in your current business methodology. The sheer force of owing a top dedicated server might be the best investment to consider. 24-hour core servers’ benefit as time goes by and promotes full operational capacity. Doing a thorough survey of options available among the top hosts is also recommended. Atrix Host stands out from the list of competitive hosts while also generating add-ons to clients!

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