23 Jan 2018

Uses of Bare Metal Servers

Today, you can get a lot done on your home computer. But like everything that runs on electricity, PCs now take up a lot of power depending on the configuration. As a result, it is neither economical nor feasible to run taxing operations on your home PC like complex data analysis or website hosting. This is where bare metal servers come into play. For those of you who haven’t heard what these are, well essentially these are rack mounted computers based off in the cloud that you can use to run such continuous operations. They are incredibly scalable and can be tailored to fit any need.

In this post, I’m going to discuss a few advantages of bare metal servers and a few areas where you can use them, so let’s begin:

  1. Website hosting: Well assuming that you aren’t the owner of the big corporate business, the chances are that you’ll be resorting to a website hosting dedicated server that is based off the cloud. As a matter of fact, if you aren’t working with big data, the chances are that you’ll definitely to resort to one of these as they are not only affordable but very scalable.
  2. Dedicated Seed box: With most P2P services moving to invite only sites, maintaining a healthy upload ratio can prove to be extremely challenging, especially if you are working on a limited data tariff. What you can do instead is get a dedicated server unlimited bandwidth and continue to seed downloads for as long as you can, at a very minimal fee.
  3. Complex Data computation: We all know that you can get some really powerful hardware with bare metal servers. Such hardware can cost a lot and is mostly out of reach of the average user. But because these can be hired for a fraction of the total cost on a monthly basis, they can be a cost-effective option for performing complex computing tasks.

So as you can see, there are several advantages to owning a bare metal server. These 3 are just the tip of the iceberg, and there are a lot more applications for it. If you are looking for a cost-effective solution for a powerful computer, these are your best bet.

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06 Jan 2018

What should you look for in your server hosting company?

With everyone cashing in on the dedicated servers provided by 3rd party companies now, it can get pretty confusing as to which of the companies among the lot has the best dedicated server hosting service. It is a very legit thing to consider before going online with your website. Technically speaking, almost all of the companies that are associated in the server hosting business possess a high level of technical expertise to aid the customer as best as they can.

However, there are some that take it a step forward and make themselves stand out among others. So, let’s explore a few options that you should look for while shopping for a dedicated server:

1. Server Configuration: This is almost the most important aspect while shopping for a dedicated server. The specifications can determine how the hosted website or service performs in day to day tasks. Many companies tend to offer different configurations at different price points. So do your research properly and pick one that offers you the most performance for your money.
2. Data Protection: Let’s face it; your data is probably one of the most important things in your life and god forbid if anything terrible happens to it. Many web hosting companies offer additional protection features like ‘Codeguard’ and ‘Site Lock’ which the customer can use to secure and safeguard their data. Although it isn’t mandatory to have these but it is highly desirable to look for while shopping for a server.
3. Latency: Your website response times can give you a good or bad rating in the search engine index. Looking for a server that offers you a very fast network connection is almost as important as having a server with top of the specifications. It helps reduce access latency and improve response times.
4. Scalability: It isn’t something that you should absolutely have while looking for a website but a company that offers the option to add more resources to the same server on demand is certainly a step ahead of the curve compared to the others.

These are just some of the few crucial things that you should keep in mind while looking for a server. Of course, the list doesn’t end here and many companies provide different options and configurations. So, prioritise your needs and search accordingly.

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17 Nov 2017

Why to choose dedicated hosting over shared hosting?

Let’s face it; if you are a small to medium sized business, the chances are that you have always asked if switching to a dedicated web hosting platform would be worth the extra cost. This is a very common and valid question because if your website has to cater to a lesser number of visitors, then it would definitely make sense to get a shared hosting.

Drawbacks of Shared hosting

Now the fact of the matter is that shared hosting, although having its perks also has its drawbacks. And while website hosting dedicated servers would definitely cost more than shared hosting, there are a lot of reasons as to why you might want to switch to a dedicated server as soon as possible. So let’s discuss some of it below:

  1. Traffic: Shared hosting means that you’ll essentially be sharing the same internet line as the others on your server. While it’s okay if the others are also smaller businesses but there will inevitably come a time when there will be a struggle for bandwidth as your businesses grow. Latency from your shared hosting would mean that you will essentially lose valuable customers overtime.
  2. Security: Shared servers are prone to more security threats than dedicated servers. We all know that the security of the website is adjacent to the code. So if for example, one of the domains on your shared server gets a cyber-attack, then your site might be affected too as it is essentially hosted on the same server rack.
  3. Features: Shared hosting generally has lesser features than dedicated website hosting servers.
  4. Resource Struggle: One of the primary and critical drawbacks of a shared server is that you are going to have constant resource struggle. Since you are essentially sharing the same CPU, RAM, HDD and GPU for multiple workloads, if there are too many requests thrown in that server, it has a very high chance of crashing, thereby halting your business.

Dedicated servers are definitely the way to go forward even if they are a little expensive. By switching to a dedicated server, you are essentially enjoying a total control of your business, and you don’t risk your business to security breaches. Also, there are a ton of web hosts like Atrixhost that offer cheap solutions for dedicated servers. So use what you feel is best for your needs and budget.

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14 Nov 2017

A Beginner’s Guide to Dedicated Hosting Solutions

Whether you are an individual or a business that is looking into opening a website, you’ll have to get a dedicated hosting server down the line. Since free web hosting solutions are neither safe, nor flexible, a dedicated hosting solution is always your best bet if you want to enjoy total autonomy while being able to expand your website according to your requirements.

Who provides the hosting solutions?

The individuals who provide dedicated hosting solutions are called web hosts. These web hosts are basically providers for servers that is used for hosting your website. Web hosts are responsible for maintaining and providing the parts for these servers and while web hosts charge you for it, but the actual fact of the matter is that you don’t have any worries about site downtime or hardware maintenance as these web hosts take care of it for you.

Can these web hosts be trusted with sensitive data?

This is essentially a two part query because:

  1. There are a lot of scammers on the web waiting for the chance to steal your money.
  2. There are even more reliable web hosts that offer you with unmatched data protection, privacy and flexibility.

Choosing a suitable web host is essentially the process of deciding your budget, then doing your research on the web about the hosts, choosing the desired web host and then deciding if it’s the best dedicated hosting solution for your budget. However the research on your end must be thorough because as mentioned earlier, there are lots of scammers on the web. It’s better to cross reference if your chosen web hosting platform hosts for some other reputable website.

Web hosting is a not an easy task even if you have the best possible equipment. At the end of the day, it boils down to the fact if your website code is optimized to handle the visitor flow. Also depending on the type of traffic, you should see what kind of hardware suits your website best, even if it means extending your budget a little because lower latencies can definitely attract more visitors.

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09 Nov 2017

Why does your business need a dedicated hosting solution for the Web?

In today’s world, businesses are no longer constrained to the bounds of the street. Everyone can expand exponentially to no limit at all. Boundaries between nations have no significance whatsoever in the way of conducting business and it is all thanks to the boom of the internet.

Every business today has a web counterpart that it uses to communicate and showcase products and services to the world. These web interfaces or websites are basically hosted on some server in the web that you access via the URL. These hosting services or web hosts play a major role in the growth and expansion of businesses, without having them to worry about any sort of hardware knowhow.

Why do you need a dedicated hosting solution for your business?

There are tons of factors why you may want to choose a web host to establish your website:

  1. Upgrades: As time passes, the technology running the servers also need to change to meet the energy requirements and be as efficient as possible. Your web host will automatically take care of the upgrades for you while essentially staying in the same price range.
  2. Cost: As mentioned earlier, maintaining your own server is a rather expensive process because server parts are inherently expensive and rely on a stable energy output to stay online. Now this is rather difficult as factoring in all these additional expenses means that you are likely to spend more in the long run.
  3. Fast internet connections: A dedicated web hosted server can serve thousands of people at the same time. Now this is an issue for small to medium business as high speed connectivity can cost very high and would be something that is out of budget for most of the said business.

Dedicated hosting solutions are the way to go for a cost effective and stable website hosting. They do the heavy lifting for you so that you don’t have to worry and can instead focus on improving the content, thereby expanding your business potential.

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06 Nov 2017

What should you look for in a web host dealing in dedicated servers?

There are a lot of web hosting companies that deal in dedicated servers on the internet. Most of them operate with an initiative to provide you with a seamless experience with top of the line hardware and zero down time. Top dedicated server hosting companies will have standout features that it can use to distinguish itself from the rest of the competition. By the end of this article you’ll have a good idea about what you should expect when you go for dedicated server hosting

So without further ado, let’s have a look at what you should expect from your web host:

  1. Server Configuration: This is perhaps the most important part of deciding which company to go with when choosing a dedicated server. A server with high performance parts would handle loads better and not crash when the traffic gets heavy.
  2. Price: After you have decided the configuration of the server, next you should look at what price they are offering it for. Sometimes you might find that similar servers have different pricing for different web host vendors. But the important thing to note here is the features that they are offering in the package and as such it might be worth paying more sometimes that would have more relevant features then going cheap and cheerful.
  3. Network: Perhaps the most important factor when deciding to get a dedicated web host. A web host that might have a higher price but offers better network speeds is worth going for because it will handle your web traffic much better.
  4. Customer Support: This is also one of the most important aspects when going for a dedicated server from a web host because a better customer support could mean the difference between seamless traffic flow and full on server halt.

Choosing a server that gives you a nice blend of features in a reasonable price bracket is the one to aim for. Going cheap can save you a few bucks but some small but significant additions will definitely help your business in the long run. So before you get a one, make sure to do your research properly.

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