16 Mar 2018

Web Hosting: A Platform to Start a Website

A service that enables individuals and organizations to make their websites accessible to everyone via the World Wide Web is called web hosting. These are companies which provide a leasing service for space on public servers as well as internet connectivity, all done typically in a data centre. Web hosts also offer a so-called “housing” service for their other servers located in their data centres.

A historical brief

As the internet emerged in 1991, it was used only for educational and research purposes for science and engineering. During this time only basic services like email, FTP, and telnet were being used. The www protocols had just been written in 1993, and there was no graphical browser for Windows or Mac up until that time period. The situation was a bit of a haze till 1995. Companies were required to own a computer or server to host a website. Majority of the companies neither had the budget or the expertise to pull this off; so web hosting services began to offer to host users’ websites on their own servers. This meant that the client need not own any necessary infrastructure required to operate and run the website. The website owners called Webmasters had the abilities to create a website that would be hosted on the host’s server and then published to the web by the hosting service.

Shared web hosting: a good way to start

It is a very basic and essential way to start a website is via a shared web host. Shared webhosting refers to a service in which multiple sites reside on one web server connected to the internet. This is considered the most economically efficient way to host a server, as the overall cost of maintaining the server is amortized to the many customers of the service.

The service includes a system administration since it is shared by many users; it is beneficial for users who do not want to deal with the pangs of being an admin, but at the same time is a hindrance for power users who desire more control. For users who want to require extensive software development, the unlimited shared hosting path is not recommended. Shared hosting is generally cheaper than dedicated ones. Some of the best shared web hosting services offers necessary statistical support, mail and web services, auto script installations, PHP and MySQL, and basic after sales service that comes along with a monthly subscription. Such services can either use a widely available control panel like cPanel or DirectAdmin, or they sometimes develop their own control panel for greater control and flexibility.

In shared hosting, most services are responsible for installing server software, security updates, managing server traffic, technical support and various other facets of the service. There are hundreds of thousands of shared hosting plans and services; some of which range from small design firms to multi-million dollar providers with a network of thousands of customers.

Shared webhosting is the way to go if one is merely looking to venture their ideas and services in the world of internet. Its simplicity and ease of working make it the perfect platform for a range of websites.

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27 Feb 2018

Two sides of owning a shared server

Say that you want a cost effective solution for a decently powerful server but don’t necessarily have the capital to invest in them on a periodic basis, you would be normally out of luck because dedicated bare metal servers do seem to cost quite a bit more. And while we’re on it, affordable dedicated servers don’t necessarily come equipped with top of the line hardware to facilitate moderate to heavy workloads. So then if you wanted fast hardware with low costs, why not buy shared web hosting instead?

A majority of the people will tell you otherwise but the fact of the matter is, the way hardware has evolved as of now, it is quite capable of running two or more websites off a single rack without getting any significant performance hits. In this short post, I’ll quickly explain what are the upsides and downsides to using a shared server. So let’s start with the former:


  1. Cheap:

    Yes shared servers are cheap but still pack a significant punch. Even for base level shared servers, you get some decent specifications that should in theory be faster than affordable servers.

  2. Availability:

    Since most people use shared servers for a short period of time, they are readily available. You can easily get a decently specified shared server for a fraction of the price of what you would pay for a dedicated server of the same calibre.

  3. Maintenance:

    As with dedicated servers, you get round the clock maintenance for hardware. But in addition, you also get maintenance for your part of the server as the controls for the server lie in the hands of a dedicated web master who works round the clock to make sure nothing clashes.

But as you might expect there are significant downsides to owning an affordable shared hosting service, and here they are:

  1. Security:

    Perhaps the biggest concern for any shared server web admin. Any security flaw in the network affects the entirety of websites hosted in a shared server. And even though you aren’t technically disclosed as to who you may be sharing the server with but if the person in question is a bit “unethical” in his practice, your data is always at a risk to being manipulated.

  2. Downtime:

    Since you are sharing resources with another user, no matter how powerful the hardware maybe, there will always come a time when it reaches its threshold as to how much traffic it can actually handle. So if the other site is using up a lot of bandwidth and CPU power, your site responsiveness can go down significantly.

  3. Customisations:

    The amount of customisations that you can perform on a shared server has significantly increased over the years. But they are still no match for a dedicated bare metal server and since all customisations are done by a web master, you don’t exactly have the total freedom to play around in this regard.

The moral of the story is that it is unadvisable to be on a shred server for extended periods of time as it can negatively affect the total productivity of the business in the long run. However, if your website is used for handling light traffic, then it actually makes more sense to get a shared server, since you won’t need too many resources.

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14 Feb 2018

Why Only A Few Providers Are Suitable For Shared Hosting

The world of hosting presents you multiple choices in terms of types, plans and prices. Different companies promise to deliver high-quality hosting services for your website or blog.

Among all the types, affordable shared hosting is probably the most famous in the digital world. Small businesses, bloggers, and other professionals find shared hosting highly approachable due to its affordable nature. However, it is also important to know that shared hosting is not an easy service to provide. It takes critical maintenance and professional approach of the experts. This is the reason why there are only a few companies capable of providing hosting that actually helps your business and online presence.

Here is a detailed discussion on why you should only trust a few shared hosting services.

  1. Keeping the operating system secure requires professional excellence

It takes years of experience and skills that allow a service provider to deliver highly secure shared hosting. With multiple users using a single server, the job of the hosting provider becomes critically important. They need to work on their toes constantly in order to deliver top-notch security to the servers. Hence, you can only trust experienced and reputed companies when looking for shared hosting.

  1. Flexibility of the hosting plans takes in-depth research

Professionals working in reputed shared hosting companies know the importance of research before deciding the hosting plans. Reliable companies gather data related to the consumer interests and use it as a foundation to provide flexible hosting plans. This research work is what brings diversity to their plans and allow website owners, bloggers and other people to gain a perfect hosting plan,which is definitely not possible with all the hosting providers.

  1. Making shared hosting affordable is an art

Sure, shared hosting is much more affordable than other hosting types. However, this affordability requires a smart approach, which is not possible with any random hosting provider. To keep the price lower, companies need to manage the hosting platform in terms of server quality, number of users and other aspects. Finding the right balance between hosting quality and price range is an art. And professionals learn that art with experience.

  1. A user-friendly hosting is not available everywhere

Most of the users complain about the difficulty they face while using the hosting services. This happens due to the lack of assistance and support provided by the hosting services. Not all hosting services deliver constant and reliable support to their users,which become a hurdle for many users.

Thankfully, there are a few reliable services that make their hosting easy-to-use. The user-friendliness of the hosting services makes a shared hosting more approachable for newbies. But that depends on the service provider you select.

All the mentioned reasons make it clear that there are only a few hosting providers that can offer effective shared hosting. The quality of support, simplicity, cost-effectiveness and all the other benefits are possible with a few companies only. So, your job from here is to look for a reliable hosting company that has the capacity to serve you the best.

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14 Dec 2017

Reasons for Selecting cPanel or Linux Shared Web Hosting

The last decade has seen a phenomenal rise in the demand for cPanel hosting. If you want all your important tasks to be performed efficiently and with ease, you can use the powerful and perceptive tools in cPanel shared hosting. Uploading of web pages and managing them thereafter has been greatly simplified with the use of the varied and superb features that come with cPanel hosting. The interface is great and helps you to perform tasks faster than ever before.

Tasks Performed By cPanel Shared Web Hosting

As already mentioned, shared hosting cPanel has simplified the tasks of uploading and monitoring web pages. Further, you can install such applications running on internet like forums and shopping carts, blog and so on. The feature that you are going to love most about the platform is that you can protect your website’s bandwidth as well as content from any sort of abuse, with the help of cPanel.

Whenever there is a problem with a broken link and errors are arising out of that or any other issues, you can simply look at the error logs, spot the problem areas and repair them. The file transfer methods used here are all conventional, like:

  • FTPS
  • SFTP
  • FTP

You will also get FTP accounts created for your employees. Once you start using it, you will find that it is the most advantageous web hosting solution than any other technique.

Advantages of Managing Your Website with cPanel Web Hosting

The supervision and management of your website has become very simple by the use of shared hosting cPanel. There are a number of distinct advantages of this method over any other, that has made the use of cPanel much more rampant in the current time:

  • With cPanel or Linux Shared Web Hosting system, you get crucial web applications integrated, so that you can install various word processing or other software without needing to buy them separately.

  • With cPanel web hosting, you do not need to hire web designers and customized service providers, because you can make use of a host of software and application, only if you care to learn about them.

  • The process of rewriting the content in your webpage is easy now. Just erase the old content and rewrite the new one.

If you are thinking of starting your own blog or website, it is best to select cPanel or Linux Hosting.

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11 Dec 2017

How Can Your Business Enterprise Benefit from Linux Shared Web Hosting?

The present era is that of online dealings to generate business for enterprises. The world has turned into a big common market place with the online portals acting as the sales counters. In order to make the best use of the online marketing opportunities, you need to design and host your own website or blog that would rightly showcase your merchandise to the potential buyers. In order to make your website visible, there are a number of service providers that offer various plans for shared web hosting. These services are beneficial to business related sites as well as personal blog sites.

What is Linux Shared Web Hosting?

If you want to host your own website or blog, you may make use of a server that is shared by many sites just like yours. You will be allocated a separate portion or partition on the server, so that your website remains totally alienated from other sites. All the websites hosted through that particular Linux shared web hosting share the common resources available from the server like:

  • Server connected CPU
  • Data transfer
  • Storage space etc.

The cost of installing a server and managing it all by yourself is a big thing to handle, more so if your business venture is small with little profit. In the case, of a Linux web hosting facility, the cost is shared among all the websites and thus becomes an insignificant part in the total cost. Shared web hosting by Linux has thus become a reasonable option for small and medium business houses, as it also provides total security.

Advantages of Linux – Based Web Hosting Services

Shared web hosting system based on linux is at present the most popular, as well as the affordable web hosting solution across the world. The server here operates on cPanel which again runs on the operating system of Linux. Some of the best characteristics of Linux shared web hosting are:

  • Affordability
  • Flexibility
  • Reliability
  • Compatibility
  • High performance

You get about a minimum of 150 GB of free disk space to work with and 2GB of bandwidth.

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08 Dec 2017

Smart Tips to Guide You in Your Purchase of Shared Web Hosting Solution

If you have a business enterprise that you want to launch online with your own website, you must choose the right web hosting services to get the best result when going online. Where and how you host the webpage play the key role in enhancing your business and advertising brand and merchandise. The current scenario in marketing and sales is that your target clientele will only care to look up your website and take decisions then and there whether or not to go for a particular branded product or service from your site. So, your website needs to be smart, informative, honest, and simple to understand. The more the client is satisfied with your website, the greater is the chance than he won’t click the mouse on the exit button before making a purchase.

How to Choose the Right Web Hosting Solutions

  • What you need is the right decision while you buy shared web hosting. You may go for the free domains, but there is a word of caution before you commit yourself to that. Go through all the details for the offers in the free service. You must know who the owner of the domain is. In most cases, the free domain remains free for a certain length of trial period. Afterwards, you need to buy the domain at a hefty amount.

  • While you are trying to purchase the best shared web hosting service, there are certain crucial points that you must not ignore. For one thing, you must know the limit to your available disk space, and what would happen if you overrun it. That goes for the bandwidth as well. So, it is advisable to make a good calculation of how many hits you expect on your site, what kind of traffic you foresee, so that you can decide on the disk space accordingly.

  • While going for the final decision to buy shared web hosting, you must get yourself updated about every important detail of the web hosting company. Look up all the customer feedbacks and reviews, so that there is no ambiguity anywhere.

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01 Dec 2017

How Server Speed Helps in Improving Your Site’s Revenue

Can the speed of the website increase the revenue?!

Well, to understand that you need to first know the meaning of server speed.

The server speed is the time taken to the page of your website to appear on the screen when someone clicks on it through a browser. It is the time the visitor has to spend waiting for the requested page to appear.

In the competitive environment when the internet is filled with information and options, no one wants to wait. This is the reason the server speed plays an important role in revenue generation. 

What does a slow website do to your revenue?

Having a slow website with very high bounce rate creates irritation among the visitors. The number of visitors starts decreasing with time, which ultimately affects your business to a great extent. Fewer sales mean decreased revenue. 

What does a fast website do to your revenue?

We all know that Google keeps a track of the website’s speed while ranking your pages. So, when you have the reliable shared hosting services with great website speed, it works in your favor. Not only the customers love to come again and again, but the search engines also reward your site by improving its visibility.

With customer loyalty and improved ranking, your business starts getting better revenues. 

How to get the optimum speed on the website?

Simple, search for a reliable web hosting service having the capacity to provide desired speed to your website. In ideal conditions, the website needs to load within 3 seconds. But even the 5 seconds are considered pretty good. The problem starts when the time exceeds the 10 seconds. Hence, make sure that the host offers needed speed.

When you have a new website to launch, shared hosting seems a logical option. However, for a faster website, make sure that the host has the latest technology available to provide the pace that your site requires.

Finally, it would be wise to get the services from the host that has multiple hosting services. This way, you can switch in the future.

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24 Nov 2017

Why Shared Hosting Is Best for New Bloggers?

Starting a new blog brings you in front of many technical questions. You are required to ask yourself all of these questions and come to a suitable conclusion. This is what ensures the smooth functioning of your new blog. One of the most critical questions that come to the minds of new bloggers is regarding the type of hosting they should pick.

Picking the right kind of hosting is the most necessary thing you can do to ensure the performance of your blog. Here, we provide you the practical approach towards selecting the right hosting for your new blog. 

The importance of the shared hosting

There are many different kinds of hosting options such as dedicated, shared, reseller in the Linux version. But, experts recommend only the linux shared web hosting for the new bloggers. This is due to the features along with the reasonable prices that these kinds of plans require.

The entry level blogs and websites can easily get the required amount of bandwidth, storage, CPU space and other features through shared hosting. Plus, the prices of these kinds of hosting plans don’t put too much pressure on your new blog. Hence, it is beneficial from the economical point of view also.

On the other hand, the other options like a VPS or dedicated servers require more investment along with the technical knowledge of the hosting as well. This is suitable when your website reaches the peak of the success and you start understanding the various factors related to the hosting.

Hence, it is better to start with shared hosting and then shift to the other option in the future. 

The right hosting is necessary

You need to make sure that the hosting you are selecting for your blog has the needed features. For that, you can analyze your hosting needs before picking one for your website. It is better to look for the service provider that has the expertise in serving your kinds of websites.

Finally, it is important to ensure that the prices are not too high. Just check the quality of the server and pick the right service provider.

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16 Nov 2017

What Makes Shared Hosting a Wise Choice

While planning an online website, you come in front of the most complicated question.

“What type of hosting should you prefer?”

Being new to the field, sometimes people find it very difficult to choose one service. Hence, this blog provides you detailed information on how best shared web hosting can become the solution to all your problems. 

  1. What is shared hosting?

In this type of hosting, you share the server with other domains. This is the reason many people get confused. But this hosting service becomes seamless with the right customer support and technology. The hosting companies are out there offering great expertise and support for the new online platforms. 

  1. How is it beneficial for the small online businesses?

For newer websites, having no technical knowledge, this hosting becomes a true supporter. One can get the experts to their side and run the business with great efficiency. Plus, the small businesses don’t have a huge amount of site load or the traffic. In these situations, it seems pretty illogical to invest so much on a dedicated server. Hence, the shared platform becomes the most valuable option for the small businesses. 

  1. Can the services evolve?

Yes, there are companies that have a flexible infrastructure. You can easily start with a basic level of hosting service, and then, increase the features as the business grows. You can make your site more effective for the customers and get better speed and bandwidth from the host as well. Eventually, when your site crosses the optimum limit of traffic, your host will suggest you switch to the dedicated servers.

So, it is clear that the sharing the server offers you greater flexibility, availability of reliable experts, and a chance to evolve your site with time. And it all comes at a reasonable price. So, when you are in the middle of taking the decision regarding the hosting type, pick this one to invest only a little to get much more.

Hopefully, this writeup will help you to understand the hosting and its importance and opt for the best plan as per your needs.

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08 Nov 2017

Critical Procedures to Follow When Switching to A New Web Host

You have seen a new exciting hosting plan and want to switch to a new web host. While switching to a new host, it is important to be sure about the safety of your website and the files and data.

Here, in this blog, you will find the safest method to switch to a new web host and enjoy fastest shared hosting.

  1. Get a backup of your website

The first thing you need to do while switching is getting a backup. The website contains multiple images, files, scripts, applications, plugins, and many other data. Hence, it becomes important to have a backup of everything and keep it safe.

  1. Check the email configuration

Now, when you are migrating to a new provider, ensure that the email services are working properly. This requires rechecking the email configuration status.

  1. Update your DNS

For a complete transfer to a new server, you need to update the DNS. Provide the updated DNS to your new provider, so that, the company can assign you the permanent IP address.

  1. Evaluate the internal links

The internal links need to be functioning exactly the way they were before. So, when you are done with the transfer process, don’t forget to ensure the functionality of the internal links.

  1. Website test

The website test becomes important to ensure that the customers won’t find any unfavorable change. So, it is necessary that you ensure the availability of all the web pages, applications, plugins, and all the features.

  1. Keep the old account until complete transfer

It would be wise to keep your old account until the transfer process completes. In fact, you should not cancel the old account for a week or two after the transition. This will keep a backup by your side, in case the transfer process presents some complications.

  1. Tell the visitors

Finally, make sure you tell your visitors regarding the transferring process. This shows your concern towards the loyal visitors and they feel more connected to your website.

So, follow these points and safely switch to a new hosting provider.

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