Frequently Asked Questions

1) What Is A Dedicated Server?

A physical server that dedicates all the hardware resources to a single party is called a dedicated server. Dedicated servers are not shared with anybody else, therefore the owner enjoys full control and customizability over the specifications and functions

2) Why Should I Choose A Dedicated Server?

A dedicated server is not shared with other websites; therefore, you get full access to the storage space, RAM, and other specifications. It gives you better speed, security, larger storage space, unlimited customizability, and various other benefits.

3) Can I Rely On Atrixhost?

Atrixhost is a global leader with years of experience in providing the best server solutions. We have more than 700 assigned working servers and an annual growth rate of 90%.

4) By What Time Can I Expect A Reply from You?

You can contact us any time through our email: atrixhost@gmail.com. We typically reply within 24 hours.

5) Which Dedicated Server Should I Choose?

Dedicated servers are available in a wide range of pre-configured specifications, and you can also customize the specifications according to your requirements. If you are confused about which one to choose, just contact us and let us know about your usage and other business requirements, and we’ll be glad to suggest the best suitable option for you.

6) Can I Run A Gaming Server on Your Dedicated Server?

Yes, surely. You can use our dedicated servers. In fact, gaming is one of the most common uses of our dedicated servers.

7) What Is The Dedicated Used For?

Dedicated servers can be used for a wide range of purposes such as Web Hosting, Web Development, Backup, Gaming, File Servers, Staging, Email Servers, failover servers, or monitoring purposes.

8) How To Manage The Dedicated Server?

We offer best managed dedicated hosting with control panels, a dedicated server management portal that will allow you to easily manage your server. Rebooting, upgrading, installing applications, are all made easy for you. And our efficient 24/7 technical support is always ready to help if you face any problems in server management.

9) How Many Websites Can Be Hosted On A Dedicated Server?

You can host numerous websites on a dedicated server. However, depending on the size and storage needs of the websites the performance can be affected. We suggest keeping the number of hosted websites at a suitable level so that your websites don’t start slowing down.

10) Is a Dedicated Server Safe?

Dedicated servers are not shared by any other website owners other than yourself. With all your data stored in a separate private server, there is no chance of a security breach. Therefore, with dedicated servers, you’ll get maximum safety.

11) How To Buy A Dedicated Server?

Buying a dedicated server is very easy with Atrixhost. We have several pre-configured instantly deployable dedicated servers that you can deploy in a matter of minutes. Select a dedicated server that suits you, and click “Deploy now”, enter the hostname, prefix for both nameservers, and your desired root password. Finish the online payment, and the dedicated server will be deployed instantly.

12) How Can I Pay?

We accept Checks and Money Orders for orders based in the United States, but the service will be activated only after the payment is received. For quick deployment, you can use your credit card, we accept
• Visa
• MasterCard
• American Express
• Discover

13) Will I Get A Refund If I Am Dissatisfied With Your Service?

If we are not able to resolve an issue or if you are dissatisfied with our service, you can request a full refund within 30 days of subscription and your money will be refunded. We also offer a 100% money-back guarantee if we are not able to resolve an issue within the promised time.

14) Can You Cancel My Service?

Yes, Atrixhost can cancel your service if we find that our server is being used in a prohibited manner. Presenting illegal, obscene, or offensive content, or violating our policies can result in the cancellation of our services immediately.

15) Where To Register A Complain Or A Dispute?

Any complaints or disputes can be registered on our email: atrixhost@gmail.com within 30 days of work done.

16) Is My Information Safe?

Atrixhost may use your information for internal purposes, but we take maximum care of your privacy. For more information, please go through our Privacy Policy.

17) Where Are The Physical Servers Located?

Our physical servers are located in top-convenience locations like New York, Miami, Los Angeles, and Asia.

18) Do You Provide Root Access?

Yes, you can have complete root-level access to your server.

19) What Control Panels Do You Provide?

We provide all popular control panels on a paid basis. cPanel and Plesk are the most commonly used control panels by our clients.

20) What Happens If The Hardware Crashes?

In case of a hardware failure, we will quickly verify the situation and change the hardware as quickly as possible. In most cases, the hardware will be up and running within 2 hours.

21) Will I Have a Shared IP Address?

Not at all. Your dedicated server comes with a dedicated IP address assigned only to you.

22) How Many IP Addresses Can I Have?

Every dedicated server comes with a dedicated IP address. However, we can provide you any number of additional IP addresses on an additional cost basis.

23) What Type of Applications Are Allowed?

You can install any number and any type of legal application on your dedicated servers.

24) What Is A System Restore?

System Restore is the function that allows you to restore your server to a previous configuration. If you need to reset the system back to its initial form you can do it through the system restore option.

25) Can I Upgrade The Hardware After Purchase?

Yes, you can. We will purchase the required hardware and install it for you upon your request. We will also notify you about the change in monthly fees after an upgrade is successfully completed.

26) Which Operating Systems Can Be Installed?

Usually, Windows and Linux are more commonly used operating systems on our dedicated servers. However, you can install any operating system of your choice. Just do not forget to inform us about your operating system so that w can provide appropriate support.

27) When Can I Contact The Support Team?

Just any time. We offer 24/7 technical support, remote reboot, server monitoring, and live chat services. You can call us at any time for all your queries and we’ll be always happy to help.

28) Can I Use The Server For Bulk Email Services?

No, we do not encourage spamming and bulk emailing of any kind. Kindly do not use the dedicated server for bulk emailing to avoid legal actions.

29) Do You Follow DMCA notice?

Yes, we do follow all DMCA norms. In case of a report, we will immediately send you a notice and you will be to remove the copyright content from the website as quickly as possible to avoid legal actions.

30) What Is The Process If Abuse Is Reported?

We will notify you about that report, and you need to respond to the notice within 24 hours. If there is a serious issue, our support team will assess the situation and take necessary actions.