Full Managed Servers

We will take care of Managed Server

Managed Servers Set Up

You can rely on our team to get you started in just seconds. The Atrix Host team will install cPanel; deal with add-ons, set up CMS and all that you require kick-starting your server.

Monitoring and Maintenance

Cutting-edge performance is a guarantee of our system as well as monitoring and maintenance. Now maintaining all your applications is a cakewalk with our facilities.

Server Security

Experience an immense level of security from our advanced servers. The experts in our team make sure your server is free from crashing, malware, viruses and any other online threats!

$189.99 pm


Intel E3-1220LV2

2 Core



5 TB Bandwidth

2 Free IPs

1 cPanel License


$299.99 pm


Intel E3-1265LV2

4 Core w



5 TB Bandwidth

2 Free IPs

1 cPanel License


$369.99 pm


Intel E3-1265LV2

4 Core



10 TB Bandwidth

2 Free IPs

1 cPanel License


$399.99 pm


Intel E3-1230V2

4 Core



15 TB Bandwidth

2 Free IPs

1 cPanel License


All the plans will be set up by experts along with management of the servers. Enjoy the perks of our managing servers!

Here is what our server specialists can help you with

Mind-blowing bonus features and support

  1. Regular and timed backups on 2nd server
  2. Inbound spam protection and outbound spam safety
  3. Assistance for Apache optimization
  4. Quick migration support for multiple accounts

Dedicated application installing assistance

  1. Full-fledged third party app support
  2. Dedicated web server help
  3. cPanel plug-ins installing and configurin
  4. Complete cPanel support

Outstanding maintenance and repairs

  1. Support on software malfunctions
  2. Detailed log file reports
  3. Regular updates on apps and software
  4. Additional assistance for MySQL optimization

Comprehensive Assured Security

  1. Day to day and timed security audits
  2. OS hardening
  3. Regular scan for viruses
  4. Additional security enhancements
  5. Frequent scans for malware
  6. Assured updated

Monitoring and Checks

  1. Uptime monitoring done on-request
  2. Checkup of the HTTP, cPanel and FTP
  3. Protocol monitoring
  4. Regular checks on critical resources
  5. Added bonus of updates and checking of RAM plus
  6. CPU

Simple and instant setup

  1. Installing major applications
  2. Installing IP blocks, add-ons and softaculous
  3. Complete setup backing and cPanel installation
  4. Firewall installation, configuration and setup
  5. Installing of selected CMS

Get Your Own Dedicated Hosting With Our Expert Management!

There is a time when every business crosses the threshold of the evolution. The shared hosting doesn’t provide enough features and reliability for evolved businesses. Hence, switching to a dedicated server becomes the right move. However, not every company has its own internal team of server experts. Thankfully, there are managed dedicated web hosting services available.

Your critical search for the managed dedicated hosting will end on Atrix Host. Our expert management and reliable dedicated servers, you can avoid the interruptions and get your own hosting. Our professional experts dedicate their expertise to bring high performance to your website. And it all comes available in a budget-friendly price range.

When do you require a web hosting?

If you are thinking about that threshold of business evolution, it is based on the digital presence you have. The managed dedicated server hosting proves to be exceptionally helpful in all the following scenarios:

Companies having a huge client network

When you have a strong clientele, it becomes a necessity to provide them a secure and highly functional digital platform. For that, you need a dedicated server that can handle the regular visitors on your site. And with the managed services of experts, it becomes possible to offer a reliable experience to your client network.

Websites with extremely high traffic

Shared hosting is effective for a certain level of traffic on your website. But when the traffic crosses that traditional range, switching to a dedicated server becomes the right choice. This way, you can provide better performance to the website and remove any chances of errors or interruptions.

Strong e-commerce platforms

Online business is all about the user experience on your website. And a low-speed hosting can lead to decreased sales. To keep up with the competition, you need a well-managed service of dedicated hosting. It provides you the ability to have a private server and get the advantage of the expert management as well. No matter what the reasons are, you can put your faith in us for the job

What do we provide you with our dedicated hosting?

Our services are trusted by the users due to the management that comes along. Having a huge team of professionals, we get the ability to serve you in all your requirements.
Here is what you can expect from us along with the dedicated server:

Guaranteed uptime

Network uptime never lets you down with our services. Our advanced hosting allows you to have high-traffic without getting concerned about the low website performance.

Exceptional databases

Our databases fulfill every requirement of data storage for you. From storage capacity to the security, every feature delivers reliable results. All the valuable information stays accessible to the authorities only, which makes the databases strong trustworthy.

Ultimate bandwidth for your site

Bandwidth support serves the purpose of providing the performance of the website you desire. The site becomes able to handle the high functionalities that keep on happening every second on your business site.

Technology-based support

Our experts have a wide range of experience in multiple technologies such as PHP, Python, and others. Their expertise in these technologies helps you in gaining the solutions that match the requirements of your business.

Continuous monitoring and tech support

We have a team of qualified technicians that stay available 24/7 to resolve your queries. They also monitor the servers to ensure the ongoing quality.

Get in touch today!

Your business needs a reliable and efficient dedicated server. And we can provide it along with our management services for the server.

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