Two sides of owning a shared server

Say that you want a cost effective solution for a decently powerful server but don’t necessarily have the capital to invest in them on a periodic basis, you would be normally out of luck because dedicated bare metal servers do seem to cost quite a bit more. And while we’re on it, affordable dedicated servers […]

Why Only A Few Providers Are Suitable For Shared Hosting

The world of hosting presents you multiple choices in terms of types, plans and prices. Different companies promise to deliver high-quality hosting services for your website or blog. Among all the types, affordable shared hosting is probably the most famous in the digital world. Small businesses, bloggers, and other professionals find shared hosting highly approachable due to […]

Reasons for Selecting cPanel or Linux Shared Web Hosting

The last decade has seen a phenomenal rise in the demand for cPanel hosting. If you want all your important tasks to be performed efficiently and with ease, you can use the powerful and perceptive tools in cPanel shared hosting. Uploading of web pages and managing them thereafter has been greatly simplified with the use […]

Critical Procedures to Follow When Switching to A New Web Host

You have seen a new exciting hosting plan and want to switch to a new web host. While switching to a new host, it is important to be sure about the safety of your website and the files and data. Here, in this blog, you will find the safest method to switch to a new […]